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Accidentally Intentionally
Recent Entries 
11th-Nov-2015 12:06 pm - A Parting Farewell
My deepest apologies, good people of Internetland. It looks like you missed me on my way out. This journal is now defunct save for as a fandom participation type thing, but fear not: If you wound up here as a result of following a dead or flocked link there are options!

You can locate my fanworks at either my dreamwidth directory or my (slightly less up-to-date) FFN account.

As for me personally, I can be reached through my Tumblr, private message, or on Xbox LIVE (tag: decuviere).

All the best,
28th-Jul-2010 08:13 pm - Still Here
My Shepard and Kaidan never had that traditional relationship you read about in most fics. Drabble concerning their first meeting.Collapse )


If you like Lana Shepard here, just wait until you see what she says to Jacob Taylor, Cerberus Biotic.
9th-May-2010 08:33 pm - Damned from the Get-Go
Short little drabble in response to me_challenge, prompt #6. Sacrificed eating supper so I would have time to churn it out.

Summary: It was just luck the beacon got a hold of the one of those three whom people would believe.

Damned from the Get-GoCollapse )
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